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Archetypes of the Soul

With Adina Stoian


This lecture is part of the Women of Spirituality Summit

Discover Your Feminine Archetype…

Every woman is unique and complex, surprising and mysterious, and it’s difficult to put a label on women. However, we can assign certain characteristics, reshape patterns, unblock qualities and discover ourselves more as women with the help of the archetypes of the soul.

These 12 archetypes cover the entire spectrum of feminine expression – and we invite all women to find their own archetype and to use it as a highly effective tool for transformation and self-knowledge.

Adina Stoian is teaching yoga and tantra since more than 30 years. She is the founder of the Tantra for Women Course, Tantra for Women Intensive Training and Women of Spirituality. She is also the co-author of the most likely world’s vastest Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course with meanwhile over 12 years of study. curriculum.

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